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  • The customers company 

    Our business adapts to the markets demand and supply. We put the customers first and the company second. "Company cannot exist without customer." "Thus, the company is not for the company itself and its employees, but is for our customers definitely." Our philosophy stresses that business is the system that creates prosperity, defines our goals in life, creates happiness, and is the genesis for the service -> satisfaction -> profits -> gratitude cycle.


  • Our company employees work together to create intellectual and material affluence. 

    We are the friends who create social value. Social value being all things that make people happy. We envision balance for the 21st century where materialism and spiritualism harmonize. 


  • At System 7 we put into practice the valuable lessons learned from experience, while striving to continuously evolve for the better. 

    It makes a big difference now and in the future whether one limits the purpose of their work solely to obtaining a salary, or to the broader scope of life's studies. We savor life's various rewards after putting in the hard work and effort. Our human resources are System 7's valuable assets. Through challenge, effort, difficulty, and patience, we cultivate the human spirit. We consider our work domain the ideal venue for life's study. 


  • We serve our customers sincerely.

  • We strive to create and blend intellectual, material harmony.

  • We implement lessons learned to continuously improve.


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